Mindfulness Anywhere
Mindfulness Practice in the Tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh
 Become the Director and Author of Your Life
Mindfulness is the art of living in the present moment.  Practicing our natural state of healing and transformation, allowing us to create a more harmonious family and society.  Experience awareness of body, thoughts and feelings, filling our canvas with unlimited possibilities and beauty.

What is a Virtual Sangha?
In this age of computers and cell phones we have become closer than ever without even taking a step out of our own home.  Mindfulness Anywhere Sangha has no physical address and yet it is accessible anywhere by anyone.  Often we are not able to be in a location where there is a building with a Mindfulness Practice Center but now it is in reach of any computer or phone.  Join with others all over the world practicing mindful sitting and walking.  Join family and friends.  Sisters have meditated together coast to coast without leaving the own home.
Welcome to a Virtual Global Sangha Practice
A global community awakening 
to the present moment

Join us Live Tuesday, Thursday 6:00 am mst or Saturday 7:00 am Right from Your Own Home.
Go to the Live Internet Sangha to join us live

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